Volunteer Training Schedule

There are several training opportunities for you to choose from:
MAY 2018
Wednesday, May 23 from 10 am - Noon
JUNE 2018
Tuesday, June 5 from 1-3 pm
Wednesday, June 20 from 10 am- Noon
If these dates and times do not fit your schedule, contact the WFIA office and we will schedule a time that meets your needs.

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VolunteeringSeniors throughout our community live in their own homes, with their own stuff. Volunteers help to make it possible. Many of our care receivers have health issues, making it tough to get around. Ordinary people. just like you, lead busy lives, but want to help out in the community. Faith In Action brings people from both walks of life together. Faith In Action volunteers drive, shop, or just check in on those who live alone or have long-term health care needs. If you’ve wondered how you can make a difference in the community, volunteer with Faith In Action. 

Your Neighbor’s Independence Depends on You!  If you, a friend, or neighbor would like to volunteer , please contact our office at 757-258-5890. When you volunteer for WFIA, we work with you to find assignments that best fit your schedule. WFIA is able to use whatever time you are willing to give. Here are just a few examples of how you can help.

With 30 Minutes a week, you can:
  • Make three telephone visits.
With 1-2 Hours every week, you can:
  • Drive someone to the doctor.
  • Take someone to the grocery store.
  • Rake a neighbor’s leaves or trim their hedges.
With 2-4 hours every month, you can: 
  • Visit with someone who is lonely.
  • Give a primary caregiver an opportunity to have lunch with a friend.
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